The DNR is targeting August / September 2018 for the final proposed alignment for environmental analysis. 

RIGHT NOW  is the time to write them with your concerns about the route and your experience regarding the process of notifying the public about the existence of the project, keeping the public informed and listening to and responding to your concerns.

Note that the Governor's legacy and priorities for his administration are:

  • Clean water legacy for the state, including its lakes, streams and rivers. 
  • Civic engagement as the intentional effort of government to facilitate meaningful dialog with the public in its work and in the development of public policy.

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The problem we have isn’t about the bad apples, it’s about the sheer volume of traffic - whether that traffic is the good guys or the bad guys - we just simply have too many roads and trails operated-on by too many people.

I don’t want to make this into some culture war between the off-highway vehicle community and the environmental community but I think the off-highway community has to get over their perceptual blindness about the damage that occurs with their recreational activity - I think they have to display a stewardship ethic and one of the ways of developing the stewardship ethic would be to accept restrictions on their use.
— From Lethridge News, Biologist Loren Fitch

A Win - Win Trail

OHV drivers deserve a trail, but in an environmentally degraded area like the Mesabi Range with its former mining pit activity - not on our back roads and trails.


Photography provided by Jared Chambers